Time Management Tips and Tricks for IBPS Bank Clerk Exam Preparation 2018

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Time management is the strategic key to achievement in every competitive exam, and it becomes more crucial if the competitive exam is on the Bank entrance exam. Everybody wants a secure job like government bank job and for that reason, you must be practicing enormously for the IBPS bank clerk exam 2018. Not only by practicing blindly is not the effort to do but also you need to do the smart work with having the idea to manage your time for attempting the questions for different sections so that you don’t turn out dropping marks unnecessary. As you know that IBPS Clerk preliminary examination 2018 will going to take place on 8th, 9th, 15th & 16th December 2018 and the main exam has been scheduled on 20.01.2019. So here we will discuss several fiddly Time Management tips for IBPS bank clerk that will support you to score high marks at your exam enormously.


Time Management Tips for IBPS Clerk Exam by the Best Coaching Centre


Eastern India Competitive Classes is renowned as best coaching Centre for IBPS clerk bank exam in Kolkata. The experts of EICC make a genuine plan for the candidates who are going to attempt the IBPS Clerk exam in 2018. Let’s see the tips below:

  1. Be Prepare for the IBPS Clerk Exam Pattern 2018

       3 subjects are there in the IBPS Clerk prelims exam. Let’s watch the below table to get a clear understanding all about that:

IBPS Clerk Exam Pattern 2018

   2. Recognize Exactly How Much Time do you have in Hands


IBPS Clerk exam paper has 100 questions with 1 mark each and you have just only 60 minutes to answer the entire questions. So calculatedly, you have only 36 seconds for every question and if you expend total 5-6 minutes in moving between questions, and extra 10 minutes in understanding the questions, you are left with just 45 minutes to complete 100 questions. This gradually explains that you are effectually left with 25-26 seconds to comprehend and answer every single question.

As there have no time limits for each section, you can deal your time in the way that you feel comfortable to complete. But try out more different and innovative time management approaches to figure out the most suitable tactic to answer the overall paper. Before watching the tricks you must need to recognize one thing in your mind that wrong answers convey a penalty of 0.25 marks. So let’s see the section-wise time management strategies as well as overall time management tips for IBPS clerk exam.

time management tips tricks

  1. Time Management Tips and Tricks for Reasoning Section

There are 35 questions in the reasoning section. This portion is much problematic and consumes more time comparatively than other sections. Still, you must not spend more than 20 minutes time on this section. Let’s watch the strategy for dividing the sections into the following table:

Tips and Tricks for Reasoning Section

  4. Time Management Tips and Tricks for Quantitative Aptitude Section


The Quantitative Aptitude section is generally known as the most laborious and difficult portion among all the sections. This tricky section contains 35 questions and you must not spend more than 25 minutes in this particular category of the IBPS clerk syllabus.

Now let’s see the topic wise time allocation for the quantitative section.

Tips and Tricks for Quantitative Aptitude Section

  5. Time Management Tips and Tricks for the English Language


The English section checks your expertise in Grammar and Basic English Language, Vocabulary, and Comprehension. You just need to complete this portion in less than 20 minutes if you are prepared to fine.

Let’s see the allotted time for each topic:

Tips and Tricks for the English Language

The experts of the best banking coaching institute in Kolkata, Eastern India Competitive Classes make this plan and convey that it is going to be much effective to solve IBPS bank clerk exam 2018. But if you want to score good marks in the examination before following this tricks you need to work hard for ibps clerk exam preparation with proper ibps bank clerk exam syllabus and pattern. After that, if you stuck to any problem with any questions in the exam do not spend over a minute on any question of this section just leave it and move on to the next one.

We hope our Time Management strategies tips and tricks for IBPS bank clerk exam will help you superbly in the upcoming IBPS bank clerk exam 2018.



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