How to revise effectively to crack competitive exam


17 October 2017

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How to revise effectively to crack competitive exam

How to revise effectively to crack competitive exam

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Are you thinking how to crack competitive exams? Then you are in the right place. If you follow our top tricks then you will be helpful to crack in the competitive exams. There are so many things to know during preparation for your exam. When you study something and for the next day anyone asks you something about that study, you cannot remember the thing which you studied last day. This happens with you right?

But after reading this blog I am assuring you that it will never happen with you again. Competitive exams are a very tricky thing but if you once grab the strategy no one can beat you in that.

Revision is essential for capturing the study which you read. Revision always helps you to visualize the study which you have already read before. But there are also tricks in revisions. Here are some following tips and tricks were given which will help you in cracking the competitive exams.


Revise immediately

The immediate revision will help to remember the study you have done. When you read something new the fresh content stays in your brain for a certain time. So if you immediately revise that things then you can easily look back your study.

Arrange a set of problem cycles

Write some problems which you faced before and try to solve on your own. Don’t try to solve that problem by seeing books. When you will able to solve that problem you give a reward to yourself. You can also note some topics which you can be difficult for you. So note down some important point of that topic on your sheet. When you will revise on that topic you will open your note and it will help you to revise easily and you will be able to recall that problem.


Try to keep revision sheet

This is the trickiest thing for cracking your exams. While revision your study keep a sheet near you and write the things you want to write so that it will help you later. As it is said that when you write something with reading that thing then it directly goes into your brain.


So, these are the few tips of revision that will help you to crack in the competitive exams. These are the most effective, time-tested, and simple way for cracking exam.

Best of luck for your exam!!

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