Why Go with EICC?

In this cut-throat competitive world, you deserve a kind of education that not only keeps you ahead in the race but also builds you up as an ideal individual. And we at EICC, provide exactly that and beyond. We believe in and provide educational services that augments your imagination and creative spirit. So if you desire a career that will be the reason of everyone’s envy, CHOOSE US!

  1. World Class technology– Here at EICC, we use the best of technological equipment’s and measures that give you a world class educational experience.
  2. Efficient Faculty members– Our seasoned and experienced teaching faculty will make your learning experience more friendly and enriching
  3. Interactive Study and Discussion– We believe when worked as a team, each individual surpasses his preconceived ability. Our interactive classes and open to all discussions give you a liberal platform to put forward your views and doubts
  4. Adherence to Class Routine– Our classes and educational programs efficiently follow the class routine which makes your study more organized and confusion0free
  5. Constructive Homework– We assign our students with home tasks that is constructive and interesting to work upon.
  6. Personality Building – Our teaching procedure is just not limited in getting you prepared with your lessons. We ensure an all-round development of your personality that will help you grow as a more confident individual.
  7. Monthly assessment – Monthly tests and mock exams based on your weekly and monthly preparation of your syllabus.
  8. Online Preparation – We fully utilize the digital platform and interactive study by providing our students the chance to prepare for their exams and daily courses online.
  9. Friendly and comfortable campus – We provide a campus environment where you will feel at home and easily bask in the ideal environment of fun and study.
  10. Individual Skill Development – We nurture the individual creative and educational needs of each student and provide adequate opportunities where they can unhesitant put forward and excel their individual skills.
  11. Smooth online registration Procedure – Now you don’t have to worry standing in huge queues for admission for hours. We provide an easy and convenient admission process conducted online that saves both your time and effort.
  12. Progress monitoring – Apart from the regular tests and exams, we conduct a thorough monitoring of individual progress of student to see how the learning process is benefitting them and help the students who are lagging behind.
  13. Parent Awareness initiates – We believe the parents, being the immediate caretaker of the students should also be equally aware of the educational perspectives that they have chosen for their kids. Through detailed discussions and interactions we conduct these parent awareness programs and build a connection with them and the teachers.
  14. Easy class hours and periods – We have convenient class hours and period durations so that the students do not clustered in the loads of lessons.
  15. Online Self-Evaluation – The students can check their progress for each course of study by checking their progress and learning preparation online through various online tests and evaluation.
  16. Discipline, dedication and dynamism – We believe in these 3 D’s as the modal pillars of student building and all-round educational upliftment.
  17. Encouragement to new ideas and experiments – We always encourage our students to make more out-of the- box innovations by supporting new endeavors and experimental procedures.
  18. Convenient and reasonable Fee Structure – We provide the best of education at a rate that is unbelievably convenient because we value the sanctity of true education that goes beyond monetary definitions.
  19. An ideal mix of qualitative and quantitative education – The education that you will receive here at EICC is the best combination of quantitative and qualitative study materials and learning process.
  20. Efficient Grievance redressal – We value the sentimental bearings of each student and in case of any such occurrence of event where the student feels bargained or mistreated by a fellow student or other members/ measures of the institution, we provide quick and effective grievance redressal solutions and help them emerge out of the respective crisis.

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